I offer face-to-face and telephone sessions. My therapeutic approach is integrative, with transpersonal themes. I use a range of approaches from different therapeutic models, with an overall interest in supporting Mind, Body & Spirit.

I am influenced by  systemic constellation work, exploring the relationships that we have with others, as a way to build a brighter outlook for the future. Using pebbles, shells and small figures of people and animals gives you a simple yet empowering way of exploring the place of each other in your own family system and embody a more desired, bright future.

I may also use CBT techniques as part of my therapeutic approach as a way to help gain a renewed sense of purpose.

Nature provides us with an abundance of resources in our therapeutic work. I use fossils and shells in different ways, including grounding techniques and present time focus, building a sturdy foundation for developing resilience.


We work together to draw on that inner capacity for positive change, which we all have deep down.  We may include visualisation, mindfulness, relaxation techniques, Bach Flower Remedies and creative techniques to help bring balance, but always in a safe, nurturing environment.

Counselling sessions are:

£50 per 1 hour individuals

£70 per 1 hour couples counselling   (not being offered currently)

I offer reduced rates for low incomes

Please note that missed sessions or if cancelled in less than 24 hours will be charged for.

Bright Heart at Dove Retreat
I am a qualified Equine facilitated Psychotherapist and combine working with clients, with the horses and ponies outside in nature. The initial assessment and sometimes creative work may take place in the shepherd's hut. Horses function in the here and now, they can reflect back to us parts of ourselves that may be hidden. In many ways horses are our teachers and they facilitate the sessions, with me ensuring the space is held in a safe way. These insights are therapeutic and healing.  Working with horses in nature is a therapeutic, experiential and holistic approach for improving general wellbeing, emotional support and working through trauma. For more information and charges please click on the orange button on the Home page.

Issues Supported

- Trauma

- Bereavement/Loss

- Relationship Issues

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Stress

- Confidence Issues

- Loneliness

- Low motivation

- Emotional distress

- Lack of direction

Equine-assisted Therapy & Wellbeing

​Everyone is different and will respond in their own unique way.

Improvements can be seen with Managing Grief/loss; Improved Confidence; managing Relationships; Personal Awareness; General Wellbeing & conditions like Depression and Anxiety


Forces/Service Personnel​

- Relationships/Communication

- Loss/Change

- Stress/Trauma
- Parenting