I offer face-to-face and telephone sessions. My therapeutic approach is integrative, with transpersonal themes. This means that I use a range of approaches from different therapeutic models, with an overall interest in supporting Mind, Body & Spirit. My most recent training is in systemic constellation work, exploring the systems in our lives and how that can influence us. I may also use CBT techniques (set homework) and share some understanding of neuroscience as part of my therapeutic approach. It is my belief that each client is unique, and has individual values, needs and priorities and it is with that in mind, that we decide together how long,  and for how many sessions a client may come. I offer up to 30 min assessment  with no charge, by phone or face to face.  We work together to draw on that inner capacity for positive change, which we all have deep down.  We may include visualisation, mindfulness, relaxation techniques, Bach Flower Remedies and creative techniques to help bring balance, but always in a safe, nurturing environment.

Counselling can lead to improved self-esteem and confidence, can help develop a greater sense of worthiness and can help improve personal relationships, work issues and sporting performance.

Counselling sessions are £45 per 1 hour     

I offer reduced rates for low incomes

Please note that missed sessions or if cancelled in less than 24 hours will be charged for.

'Unwind at Work' - Bright Energy & Fair Fellowship   *Book before 1st December 2019 for 50% discount*
Looking for ways to improve mood in your workplace over the winter months? I visit YOUR workplace for this amazing opportunity.

Would you like to show your staff that you appreciate and value them? Book a mindfulness session for your managers or team leaders for 1 hour where they will have the opportunity to relax and unwind. This will benefit the whole work environment. Small groups of approx 4 people. 

'The neurological benefits of mindfulness have been linked to an increase in emotional intelligence, specifically empathy and self regulation. It's the development of these areas that contributes to our ability to manage conflict and communicate more effectively. Mindfulness also enables us to take a step back and consider alternative perspectives rather than simply reacting to events and using the least intelligent area of our brains to make decisions. Mindfulness helps us to flick the switch back to the smart parts of our brain to put us back in control of our emotions, enabling us to choose a more appropriate response'. (The Guardian)

"Introducing mindfulness into the workplace does not prevent conflict from arising or difficult issues from coming up. But when difficult issues do arise... they are more likely to be skillfully acknowledged, held, and responded to by the group. Over time with mindfulness, we learn to develop the inner resources that will help us navigate through difficult, trying, and stressful situations with more ease, comfort, and grace". Mirabai Bush

Workplace visits are £100 for small groups of up to 4 people
Please contact me with any queries. Travel costs are extra.

I'm qualified with a certificate in Equine facilitated Psychotherapy and combine working with the horses and ponies outside in nature. The initial assessment and sometimes creative work may take place in the shepherd's hut. Horses function in the here and now, they can reflect back to us parts of ourselves that may be hidden. In many ways horses are our teachers and they facilitate the sessions, with me ensuring the space is held in a safe way. These insights are therapeutic and healing.  Working with horses in nature is a therapeutic, experiential and holistic approach for improving general wellbeing, emotional support and working through trauma. For more information and charges please click on the orange button on the Home page.

Issues Supported

- Trauma

- Bereavement/Loss

- Relationship Issues

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Stress

- Confidence Issues

- Loneliness

- Low motivation

- Emotional distress

- Lack of direction

Equine-assisted Therapy & Wellbeing

​Everyone is different and will respond in their own unique way.

Improvements can be seen with Managing Grief/loss; Improved Confidence; managing Relationships; Personal Awareness; General Wellbeing & conditions like Depression and Anxiety


Forces/Service Personnel​

- Relationships/Communication

- Loss/Change

- Stress/Trauma
- Parenting

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