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All testimonials are given with clients' consent and to respect confidentiality names are withheld.



"I was impressed with the counselling offered. It has given me the tools to alter my negative way of perceiving situations and emotions. I am more able to put a positive attitude to a family situation, which in turns makes me feel so much better about myself.



Claire is very skilled, personable, approachable and easy to talk to. I have put into practice some of her suggestions which have got me out of bad habits and it is reassuring to know that I can return for future sessions if life starts to get on top of me again. She made me realise that in impossible family situations which I cannot change, then I have to be the one who changes the way I think about and approach them. I am feeling more positive and enthusiastic about life in general".


"Yes, I find counselling useful. I like just talking about it. I like getting my emotions out and you (the counsellor) seem to understand more than anyone."

 "I found counselling with Claire very beneficial in coming to turns with my own feelings. Claire's calm non judgemental approach made her easy to talk to and i would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone".  


"A thoroughly professional service. Helped me out with the way I communicate with my 3 year old. Showed and talked through many different ways of achieving a positive result.  I would have no reservation recommending Claire".

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